Menopausal symptoms and how to cope with them


Thumbs up to all the women in society working hard to be the best they can be for their loved ones. It is no easy feat being a woman who is focused and gets her priorities right. In fact, those that have made it to this category deserve a lifetime achievement award. The challenges of womanhood are multiple and indescribable. Not to mention the fact that she is expected to rise above them all. The final stroke that broke the camel’s back is the menopausal phase. So much happens in this phase that is all too new for her to digest. Not to worry, we have got you covered if you are headed there and would like more information on challenges during menopause.

Mood swings

2This one takes the cake. Every man whose partner has reached this phase can attest to the truth of this matter. They tend to get aggravated and moody over seemingly small matters. At one point, their heads are on top of the clouds, the next, they just want to be left alone.
The best way to handle such women is by showing them, unconditional love. Their mates are especially the ones to cooperate with them. Avoid judging and reprimanding them at this time.
They will get through this natural phase with all the love and care they need.

Body aches and pains

This has got to be among the most challenging effects of menopause. The good thing is that these aches and pains do not last too long. Since bodies differ from one to another, not all women will experience these pains.
Even if they do, they will only be mild as compared to what others are facing. The best way to deal with this effect is by finding some sort of distraction. Get involved in something worthwhile that will be of benefit to you as well as the community. You will not have the time to notice these negative changes in your biological system.


As much as this is something close to mood swings, it is a totally different matter. At this time, a woman is expected to be very touchy. Those close to her are advised to watch their boundaries.
Crossing her boundaries will only create more problems for everyone around. The best thing to do is to give her space and let her sort it out the best way she knows how.
Her mate should especially be the one to understand her more than anyone else. Instead of picking fights with her, he should hold her very close and assure her that everything will be okay. It will work almost instantly like magic.

Physical tiredness

3A woman in the stage of menopause tends to feel tired especially during the odd times of the day. For instance, she will wake up feeling tired in the morning even when there was no physical activity between her and her mate the previous night. The remedy for this is a nice warm bath.
A bubble bath does wonders that only women can understand. It is at this time that the pressure on her mind and body are released and she feels at ease.